My name is David, founder of Joy and Hope Candle Co. I want to share the story behind our small business.

It was June 2020, during the height of the pandemic; I was experimenting with making my own candles in the kitchen because buying candles was getting expensive. It was a crowded kitchen to say the least; my mom was chopping veggies on a cutting board 5 ft away and here I was, melting wax on the stove. Despite that, pouring candles was a therapeutic way to spend time during lockdown. Within a few weeks, I started gifting my homemade candles to friends and family. 

Like a lot of the world during the pandemic, I passed time introspectively. In doing so, I was able to reconnect with my dad and his life story. When he was still with us, he owned a charity organization called Joy and Hope, where he fundraised for orphans and the underprivileged in Southern Vietnam. Recollecting my dad’s selflessness, I felt inspired to continue his legacy of giving back to others by spreading joy and hope through my own form of service. What started as a “pandemic hobby” has now turned into a meaningful small business.

So, why candles? To us, lighting a candle signifies joy and hope. Our mission is to light the way for others, one candle at a time. We donate a percentage of candle profits to select charities every quarter. This is our way of offering a light to those in need. Our aspiration as a small business is to have our products reflect who we are and the things we enjoy. We draw inspiration for our scents from our Asian culture and our love of the outdoors. Unlike the typical scents you can find in stores, we like the challenge of developing unique scents that represent us better such as honey boba, jasmine, lychee, etc. Moreover, being environmentally conscious is important to us; our candles are made from all natural soy wax and eco-friendly materials. Most importantly, all of our candles are handcrafted with a whole lotta love and care!